Odd Cars

Pictures of odd, strange and ugly cars from around New Zealand will be posted here. Feel free to send in your images to nzoncars@gmail.com

Here we have an Opel Astra snapped by Final Touch at the Schofields service department. These cars are bad enough but this over the top performance body kit might be a tad too much! Funny thing is though the owner is actually quite proud of this hopefully one off ride!

Horrid Opel



Snapped this little curb scraper at the Bombays on the 19th of March. Just as I was leaving a couple of his mates turned up in some equally horrid machines.

This car was for sale on the side of the road in Ranui. Has been for sale for a while so grab yourself a bargain now! On second thoughts, no, don’t. I mean, why would you!

Spotted in Auckland last week:

It’s pretty obvious this Ponsonby bulldozer will never be used off-road; and mags and low profile tires still won’t stop it going shiny-side-down-black-bits-up if they try to corner at speed. You can put a diamond necklace on a pig and it’s still a pig. FAIL!

Pimp my Jeep!

  1. Richard Hobo says:

    When I lived in Earl’s Court, London a few years ago, I would often see a car parked on my street that defied all logic. The back was a Volvo 440 and the front was a BMW 3-Series. As the cars parked on the street were usually bumper to bumper, it was often difficult to spot. I never met the owner, neglected to take a photo and to this day cannot figure out why it existed.

  2. Richard Hobo says:

    I sure do and funnily enough, James drove his abomination to Earl’s Court stadium, which is only two streets away from where I used to live. Well, he tried to go to Earl’s Court, but got lost.

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