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Posted: January 27, 2017 in All, BMW, Events, Mini

Last night I was lucky enough to go the the world premiere of the remake of a legendary kiwi film. Pork Pie.

It would seem quite a few people have been a tad disappointed by the film, have read a review that had all but said don’t bother seeing it.


I’ve tested a few diesels now and generally not only do most of them sound like they should be towing 30 tonnes of logs across the countryside, the odd one feels like it is doing just that. This isn’t the case here with the 2012 BMW 320d. Sure, from outside the car, the pedestrian you’re about to run down will hear the familiar diesel clatter and get out of the way, while inside you’ll never notice the truck like soundtrack.

The performance of this two litre TwinPower four cylinder Turbo diesel is nothing truck like at all. On the centre console there’s a rocker switch with Eco Pro and Sport written on it, there are four settings here starting with the most economical option which enables BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology. The next setting is the comfort mode, the default setting when you start this euro beauty, this makes everything perfect for day to day driving and commuting, almost like the car is effortlessly picking you up with a soft velvet glove and placing you gently at your destination.


Vision For The Future

Posted: July 17, 2011 in All, BMW, Events

BMW in Munich designed and hand built during 2008/09 a one off concept car called the Vision EfficientDynamics, Vision ED for short, and it was on display at the Auckland Museum July 15th to 17th after wooing the media at the Melbourne Motor Show. This car is definitely a vision of what we will all be driving in the future. Once just the dream creations of sci-fi movie productions is now a mere few years away with BMW saying the Vision ED will be going into production in 2013 and will be called the i8. The production model will be 99 precent identical to this stunning show car.