Vintage/Classic Cars

This page is for classic and vintage cars that we spot when out and about. Feel free to send in your shots to

07.01.2014: At the side of the road into Wanaka pointing the way to Ruby’s Cinema & Bars. A 1958 Cadillac De Ville very very tidy and glistening even though the sun had slipped behind the amazing Otago mountains!


06.01.2014: Spotted on the main road in Arrowtown. A popular destination for many classic car drivers, not to mention many many others! 1966 MkII Jaguar 3.8 in mint condition. I imagine it would have been a pleasure to drive around the stunning Otago region.


Leaving the dragon-in-laws house after picking the kids up one afternoon I saw this 1909 Briton 12HP chugging along, actually the correct term would be clattering with its two cylinder engine, with the driver seemingly having is hands full controlling this one hundred and four year old horseless carriage.

Classics 012Classics 010

I just couldn’t help myself, I had to follow him and ask to snap some photos of this amazing machine. I do apologize to this lovely gentleman if I had him a tad worried as I followed him through the clean and tidy streets of Henderson Heights. When he eventually pulled over and I asked to take some photos this ancient piece of motoring history I was totally stunned by the condition of it, it was faultless from crank handle to folded hood, and of course fully registered and warranted. As I was snapping away on my phone the gentleman, Kit was his name, mentioned that he had a couple more cars in his garage around the corner. Imagine my excitement and surprise when I pulled my car around the bend and saw this…

Classics 009

In here was a stunning collection of immaculate machines, all warranted and registered and taken out regularly on club runs and rallies.

In front there was the 1951 Bentley  Mark6. Very regal and looks like it could be a usable daily driver…

Classics 003

Up the back and on the right a beautiful American beast the 1929 Buick Master 2925x. I have always loved these old American machines, don’t know why, maybe its the acres of chrome, the shiny paint or the gangster history of these cars…

Classics 008

Tucked away in the back corner, if you can tuck away something this big, is a very rare, that should be ‘extremely’ rare, 1913 Maxwell Fifty Six. This is a monster of a car, and, according to Kit, is one of only two left in the world for this model. That’s very rare indeed!

Classics 007

Incredible what you can find in a suburban garage! Maybe one day I will have more time to get a bit closer to these cars, and, if Kit is feeling generous (or brave),  maybe I could get to drive one!

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