NZ On Cars TV

Welcome to the Pilot episode of NZ On Cars!

After many years in development I bit the bullet and went out one weekend in April 2010 to film the pilot with many enthusiastic individuals and businesses helping out. Afterwards the editing took quite some time mainly due to my lack of editing knowledge and wanting to find the right person willing to use their skills to make the most of the hours of unorganised footage, Andy, you are a magician! This pilot is far from perfect, which is to be expected with such a tight budget, but it’s time to get it out there. Please see the credits to see all those involved and please, if you can, support the businesses that have supported NZ On Cars!

Will there be a second episode? Unlikely as it would be virtually impossible to fit it into my busy life now, but who knows, if this proves popular enough and someone wants to throw some money at it, maybe!
I hope you enjoy watching the episode we’ve thrown together, we had a fun time making it. I welcome feedback which can be done through the email address below or the form on the ‘Drop Us A Line” page, and if you have any segments you think would fit then fire away.


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