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Peugeot 4008 005


For a car that is essentially a Mitsubishi, it is amazing how different it really is. The Peugeot 4008 shares almost everything with its Japanese sister with the outer shell being the main obvious difference. And a fantastic difference it is, I for one am totally sold on the 4008’s looks whereas the ASX looks chunky and lumpy the 4008 has a more of Remuera tractor look that should, and in most cases no doubt, never ever go off road any further than a pothole on Ponsonby road.  This is unfortunate with these nice looking 18 inch alloy wheels, as fitted to the Feline model we tested, never being lucky enough to see a muddy farm track for the 4008 is actually a fantastic machine to bump over grassy knolls or splash through fresh cow pats.


Never Too Young To Start

Posted: May 7, 2011 in All, Events, Peugeot

With the government recently raising the driving age from 15 to 16 in an attempt to lower the amount of younger people dying on our roads, more concentration still needs to be on driver education.  This is an area New Zealand has always fallen behind the rest of the world.  Well things are slowly beginning to change thanks to an initiative brought to our shores by Peugeot NZ.  It’s a one hour workshop set up in selected Peugeot dealerships around the country and is for children aged between 3 and 6 years old.  Peugeot’s super friendly staff teach the littlies all about road signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and give way rules (something most adult drivers seem to need educating on).