Posted: January 27, 2017 in All, BMW, Events, Mini

Last night I was lucky enough to go the the world premiere of the remake of a legendary kiwi film. Pork Pie.

It would seem quite a few people have been a tad disappointed by the film, have read a review that had all but said don’t bother seeing it.

I’m baffled.

I enjoyed the whole night. Getting to walk down the yellow carpet not too far behind the stars. Having our photo taken in front of the Pork Pie backdrop photo wall thingy (I wonder where I could find that photo?). Feeling the electricity in the air, the atmosphere was full of the magic of cinema. The beautiful and historic Civic Theatre. The lengthy but heart-warming and proud speeches. Oh, and not to mention ticking an item off my Bucket List, going to a world premier.

Then there was the movie.

I personally am a huge fan of the original film, Goodbye Pork Pie, as many other kiwis are. It was a ground breaking film for New Zealand, the first of its kind, and was a massive hit. After watching the film for the 100,000th time a few years back I was just imagining producing a remake. Not something I would have had the knowledge or dollars to ever do it justice. But I just knew that someday someone would do just that, only a matter of time.

That time is now.

It would appear many who saw the film last night have been far too critical of it. They didn’t enter into the wonderful Civic theatre with an open mind. Most have been comparing Pork Pie to the original Goodbye Pork Pie. Wrong thing to do.

There is no comparison. This is a remake. It was never going to be the same as the original. There is no way it ever could be. This is a different age, a different time, a different audience. Going into the cinema to see Pork Pie with the thought in your head of comparing it to the 1981 classic you are always going to disappointed.

Sure, Pork Pie did disappoint me a little in a couple of places where it seemed to move a little slow, but very soon the pace picked up and the witty kiwi humour lifted the mood and we were off again on a great kiwi adventure.

All in all Pork Pie was brilliant film. An amazingly well put together cinematic feast. Not to be compared to its predecessor, but to be viewed for what is it, a stand alone film for another time, now, not 1980. Pork Pie is a tribute to Goodbye Pork Pie. Matt Murphy’s tribute to his trail blazing father, Geoff.

I highly recommend seeing this. You MUST see this film. I for one cannot wait for the DVD release so it can sit in the DVD rack right next to the original.

“I’m taking this bloody car to Invercargill!”

Maybe there is room for a sequel? ‘I’m taking this bloody car to Kaitaia!’?


  1. olivia simon says:

    Thanks for the review. I also want to watch Pork Pie in the near future.

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