The Birds Are Angry

Posted: August 21, 2012 in All, Holden, New Car Reviews
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Is it just me or does the Holden Barina Hatch look like it’s designed to look like it belongs in an addictive computer game? Just add some feathers and a slingshot and you have an upset bird ready to attack some egg stealing piggies!

In reality you won’t need the slingshot because the Barina has enough power to squash those pigs with one dab on the go pedal. With its 1.6 litre DOHC 16 valve engine producing 85kW and 153Nm there is enough power to get you from point A, sitting next to your fearless feathered friends, to point B, into an unstable structure used in a vain attempt to protect some kleptomaniac popping pigs.



Handling wise the McPherson strut front suspension and torsion beam rear cope well with a demanding country back road and has great feel through the steering wheel so much so that you could almost feel a little green pig go splat under the 195/65 shod 15 inch alloy wheels.

The 6 speed auto box flicks through the cogs effortlessly which makes for a fun and spirited drive through the countryside, especially if you use the active select mode.


Inside the cabin it isn’t overly bland largely in part thanks to the motorcycle inspired instrument cluster that was also in the Spark. Only downside here is the Barina hatch is lacking any form of even a basic trip computer.

On the upside though there are storage compartments throughout including a very useable second glove box that houses the auxiliary and USB connections for the audio system. Either side of the Bluetooth enabled stereo are handy slots for other items like cell phones and angry bird merchandise.



The exterior of the Barina has clean and smooth lines and again we have the ‘hidden’ rear door handles that keep it tidy. Front and rear of this little grey hatch are my favourite areas, those angry bird headlights and taillights give it an aggressive look that shouts “Get out of my way, I have pigs to squash!”



You could pick up a brand new Barina Hatch from your local Holden dealer for a poultry (see what I did there?) $22,990 + ORC but I’m pretty sure if you sweet talked the sales person there could be a few dollars shaved off that. That price is for the manual shift with the automatic, as tested, at $24,990, the same price as the auto sedan.


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