Often on New Zealand roads one can feel like a pinball in a pin ball machine. For us today was no exception thanks to an ignorant and arrogant Audi A4 Avant driver.

Ticking along nicely through Auckland’s spaghetti junction heading home after a nice family outing with our two young children, daughter 5 and son 1, sitting just under the posted 80kph speed limit through this part of the motorway network due to the not too busy but not too light traffic flow when all of a sudden this silver euro wagon flies past our right hand side and cuts in front of us leaving a very small gap, probably only a couple of inches, between my right front and his left rear. Had I not braked there would have been an almost guaranteed sharing of silver and red paint.

Ok, after flashing of headlights and sounding of our horn, and yes, an angry hand gesture or two from me and my wife the driver of the Audi saw fit to brake heavily, on the motorway, in front of us, with traffic behind us. His vehicle came to an almost complete stop which saw me having to brake even heavier than before and swerve slightly to the left to avoid what could have been a very serious accident. We came to within an inch of hitting the back of this 2006 Audi before he accelerated, can’t help but think if he hadn’t driven off when he did we might not be here now, not to mention our two young children. There were cars behind us, as I mentioned before, and when I looked up after being able to continue I checked the rear-view mirror to see this black VW Passat very close behind, I hate to think how close they came to connecting to our Renault.

If it was just the cutting off with the lane change we would have carried on our way but with this extremely dangerous manoeuvre we were not going to ignore it. I immediately had my phone out of my pocket into my wife’s hand to call *555 while we followed the driver off the motorway through Freemans Bay to Drake Street and the Atlas Travel building where the Audi driver pulled up to security gate. We then parked behind his car while still on the phone to police communications. After a minute or so (felt like 10) the security gate opened and the Avant disappeared into a vehicle lift and down it went. Unfortunately the police were apparently busy and had no units available in the area so we returned home.

While sitting there waiting, before this poor excuse for a driver got swallowed up by the building I was tempted, so very tempted, to confront him. I am glad I didn’t due to my rage who knows what I would have done, can only imagine it would have made matters worse. If it wasn’t for my children in the car I may not have been so worked up but to have a motorist risk the life of my family in such a manor I sure as hell was not going to let this go.

I am now filing a report on the incident online and from past experience the police do follow these reports up. I will be requesting feedback from them as to what action is taken too.

Oh, just though I’d put this out there too, if you see a silver 2006 Audi A4 2.0TQ Avant, registration DSL530, on the road and there is a middle aged caucasian male behind the wheel, please, stay well clear.

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