Do It In Comfort

Posted: June 28, 2015 in 4x4, All, New Car Reviews, Toyota
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Ultimate luxury here in the Toyota Highlander, from the moment you plant your tush on the soft black leather, 12 way electrically adjustable seats you’ll notice the supreme comfort and attention to detail.

Soft touch dash panels with brown stitching to add a splash of colour. Keep toasty warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer with the heated and cooled front seats, dual climate aircon with separate controls for the middle and rear rows of seats. Nice blue ambient lighting throughout the cabin makes this a very pleasant place to be at night.


Everything falls at hand super easily, all dials and switches have a quality feel. There is storage aplenty for phones, iPods, lolly wrappers and loose change for the kids to steal. Okay, it’s not quite up there with more expensive European equivalents, this is a Toyota after all, but it sure is classy and comfortable.

There is a roof mounted DVD/Blu-ray player to keep the back seat drivers preoccupied and quiet on longer journeys, that is provided they aren’t like my rug rats who like to give a running commentary on everything they are watching!


Performance wise the Highlander won’t disappoint. Its 3.5 litre petrol V6 power plant produces a very capable 201kw and more than enough newton meters, 337 to be exact, to haul a boat, horse float, race car, building or small planet to wherever it needs to be. Impressive amount of power but bear in mind this monster of a car does weigh in at a smidge over 2700 kilogrammes fully laden. As such the fuel economy isn’t planet saving but isn’t all that bad either considering. According to Toyota this beast will get a claimed 10.6 litres per 100k’s, during the test we managed to achieve 13.5 with a mix of stop start driving and motorway cruising. And I was by driving like a granny most of the time, much to the disgust of my right foot.


The exterior styling is a huge improvement over the second generation Highlander with sharp sleek lines, pointy headlights and a real aggressive stance. Given the chance to go off road I have no doubt it will cope with almost everything you could throw at it thanks to a very clever AWD system that pumps power to any wheel the supercomputer sees fit needs it the most. All that tied in with a huge amount of acronyms (ABS, BA, EBD, HAC, TRC, VSC+, DAC to name a few) this is a very stable, safe and capable monster.


The highlander range starts with the entry level GX at $59,990+ORC right up to the Limited ZR (as tested) with all the bells, whistles and whistling bells for $80,990+ORC.




  1. Daisy Graham says:

    Ok, I’m convinced. I want one. When will you deliver?

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