Optima Prime

Posted: September 28, 2011 in All, Kia, New Car Reviews

Well this was a test drive with a difference. Unfortunately I wasn’t in a position to complete a thorough test as per usual along a typical ‘B’ road out to some fantastic Auckland location with a scenic back drop that’ll help create photo’s that compliment how good the 2011 Kia Optima is. Pretty much the extent of this test drive consisted of heavy motorway traffic after picking the car up, constant trips between home and the hospital thanks to our seven week young son coming down with bronchiolitis, with the odd trip to the day job for good measure, and more motorway traffic taking the car back. The photo’s themselves were a rush job on the way to drop the car off.

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Honey, I Shrunk The i45.

Posted: September 11, 2011 in All, Hyundai, New Car Reviews

Hyundai’s Elantra was introduced in 1990, initially called the Lantra in this part of the world due to the confusion caused with the Australian built Mitsubishi Magna Elante. The second generation Lantra was launched locally in the mid 1990’s with a 1.6, 1.8 and later a 2.0 litre engine that proved to be a very popular car with fleet suppliers due to its reasonable price, cheap maintenance costs and reliability. Good examples of the Lantra can be bought at very affordable prices although they don’t quite tickle everyone’s fancy. I have been known to laugh at them myself and wonder how someone could bring themselves to buy one. In reality they aren’t all that bad.

The '90's Lantra. Not everyones cup of tea.

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Vision For The Future

Posted: July 17, 2011 in All, BMW, Events

BMW in Munich designed and hand built during 2008/09 a one off concept car called the Vision EfficientDynamics, Vision ED for short, and it was on display at the Auckland Museum July 15th to 17th after wooing the media at the Melbourne Motor Show. This car is definitely a vision of what we will all be driving in the future. Once just the dream creations of sci-fi movie productions is now a mere few years away with BMW saying the Vision ED will be going into production in 2013 and will be called the i8. The production model will be 99 precent identical to this stunning show car.

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If you’re in the market for something a little different you might want to consider checking these guys out. They are Old School Rods LTD and they have some very special machines up for grabs at the moment. In particular some cars owned by the lead singer of the award winning super-group Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong. There’s the Chevy Nova that’s attracting a heap of attention on Trademe at the moment: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=377514674.

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Never Too Young To Start

Posted: May 7, 2011 in All, Events, Peugeot

With the government recently raising the driving age from 15 to 16 in an attempt to lower the amount of younger people dying on our roads, more concentration still needs to be on driver education.  This is an area New Zealand has always fallen behind the rest of the world.  Well things are slowly beginning to change thanks to an initiative brought to our shores by Peugeot NZ.  It’s a one hour workshop set up in selected Peugeot dealerships around the country and is for children aged between 3 and 6 years old.  Peugeot’s super friendly staff teach the littlies all about road signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and give way rules (something most adult drivers seem to need educating on).

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One For The Lifestyler

Posted: April 19, 2011 in All, Hyundai, New Car Reviews

Waiting at the Hyundai head office for the ix35 to be made ready for my week of testing I couldn’t help thinking ‘I’m going to look like an iPod carrying, iPhone yapping, iPad tapping Ponsonby ponce driving around in a four by four that will, no doubt, only go as far off road as driving over a curb, accidentally. 90% of these ‘off road’ vehicles sold will only ever see tarmac and the only gravel they might see will be one of the numerous, unnecessary, patches of road the NZTA sees fit to repair during rush hour.

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Out Of Control But In Control

Posted: March 13, 2011 in All

Sunday the 13th of March I was lucky enough to take part in the Drive Rush Stunt Driving School based in the car park at North Harbour Stadium thanks to a voucher given to me from my lovely wife. I was nervous before going and I needn’t have been. The instructors were very friendly and made it an extremely fun couple of hours for all those attending, including the spectators. Drive Rush is run by Peter Bell and for those of you who don’t know he has a wealth of experience in stunt co-ordination and driving that has seen his name in the credits of over 200 films around the world in his thirty year career. He is also the Guinness World record holder for the tightest parallel park; you may have seen him on TV smashing this record.

Instructors Precision Driving.

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On Tuesday the 22nd of March a number of very rare cars, motorcycles and automotive memorabilia goes up for auction by Webb’s, New Zealand’s Premier Auction House. Everything from very historic race cars to old oil and motoring signs.

The highlight of the auction has to be the stunning Ferrari Lusso 250. Only 350 of these cars were built between January 1963 and August 1964, of that only 23 were produced in right hand drive, 21 of those still survive. This particular example was restored by Auto Restorations and has an amazing 17,100 original miles. Looking at this car you’d be forgiven for thinking you are standing in a Ferrari showroom in 1963, every millimetre of this car is perfect, not a mark on it which is what you’d expect I guess with an estimated auction price of between 1.1 and 1.4 million dollars. Can’t help Read the rest of this entry »

Christchurch Earthquake 22.02.2011

Posted: February 23, 2011 in All

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the recent devastating earthquake in Christchurch on the 22nd of February 2011. We have family in the area and they are ok although very shaken and concerned for others worse affected, as we all are.

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Proof Of Evolution

Posted: February 15, 2011 in All, Hyundai, New Car Reviews

It all started in 1985 when Hyundai released the Sonata. It was a revamped version of the Stellar that actually wasn’t all that stellar. The Sonata was certainly nothing to write home about either, also pretty much every Sonata after that. Not to mention other models in the Hyundai range: Pony, Excel, Accent, Elantra and so on. Not that they were ever unreliable in fact they appear to be very reliable indeed hence you still see many of them on our roads daily, unexcitingly meandering along taking their occupants from point A to point B. These ‘80’s and ‘90’s Hyundai’s were bland, boring and very unsafe should their occupants be unfortunate enough to have an altercation with one of the many drivers on our roads that can’t, um, drive.

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